Verizon's entertainment hub to discover
and manage subscription services

Role: UI/UX design, Design Systems
Duration: 4 months (2022)

Publicis Sapient Team: Darrin Amellio, Jonathan Lacour, Laree Ross, Ryan Brown, Sharon Lee, Sophia Pozzi, Jeremy Bell

Verizon, a leading telecommunications company, identified an opportunity to unify scattered third-party direct-to-consumer content within an evolving entertainment landscape. Collaborating with Publicis Sapient, the goal was to create a seamless digital storefront, enabling customers to effortlessly navigate, purchase, and manage various subscription services for video, audio, gaming, and beyond.

The challenge

Verizon previously had an entertainment hub where each subscription service partners had its own dedicated page to learn more and subscribe, making it difficult for customers to navigate and manage their subscription services. Simultaneously, Verizon had launched a new branding, brand 3.0.

Our goal was to reskin +play's experience with the new visual identity and language to ensure cohesion with Verizon's marketing campaigns and their larger ecosystem of products and services. 

Discover landing page

Leveraging existing components and newly launched branding, we created components that were tailored to +play's experience. In the discover landing page, we made modifications to Feature Media, page level Search, and Carousels with different aspect ratios to accommodate for vendor's provided image assets. 

Program information page for TV shows and Movies

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Search results page and filters

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