Lowe's Product Detail Page: Appliance Template

I worked in a retained team at Lowe's HQ with multi-displinary team, to improve both experience and visual design for Product Detail Page on Lowes.com.

Customers visit the Product Detail Page (PDP) during their shopping journey because it is where they learn about the product and make purchasing decisions. Appliance is a popular category among Lowe's customers and also a more complex page with many details, so the team wanted to enhance the customer experience by creating a category-specific template that provides the key information in the buying area, as well as providing visuals that they can interact with.

My Roles
UI/UX Design
Competitive Research & Analysis

Publicis Sapient

1 year (2020-2021)


The Goal

The current appliance page experience was a dump of information with a disorganized hierarchy, particularly for major appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and etc. Customers were either taking too long to find the correct information or abandoning the pages.

Our goal was to provide customers with the most important information first, along with additional visual elements to help them make informed purchasing decisions.

Enhancements to PDP Modules

Working on this team for a year gave me the opportunity to improve the user experience in many areas of the product detail page. For this particular template, I was able to create a set of iconography of more advanced refrigerator features as well as graphic assets of refrigerator types that would be used for visualizing the dimensions.


A+ content templates

A+ content is a section where vendors can highlight product features with visuals and copy. Customers can find detailed product information in this area, which is critical. There are currently no A+ content templates on Lowes.com, so each PDP has its own layout, incoherent visual elements, and style that isn't responsive and delivers redundant information.

Customers can have a better experience navigating the information they need if vendors can easily enter their content into a modular component and card matrix.


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