A website redesign for a young architecture firm

Mul-Mac is an up-and-coming architectural firm in El Segundo, California. The firm already had a website that displayed projects in a photo gallery, but in order to differentiate themselves from the competition, they needed to show a more compelling background story behind their projects and validate their capabilities.

As a result, we defined the brand's core values and visual direction, emphasizing not only their work, but also how they approach clients and projects in their own unique process.

As a visual designer on the team, I took part in stakeholder workshops, created visual concepts, and delivered final website mockups and assets.

Launch Mul-Mac.com

My Roles
Art Direction
UI Design


2 months (2019)


Visual Direction

We created visual moodboards, each with its own distinct concept, after conducting a competitive analysis/research and a few design workshops with stakeholders. MulMac's visual personality was designed to complement the chosen concept of a premium and classy look and feel. In addition to the brand's core values of Quiet Confident, Grounded, and Refined.



The presented typography style included a bold and high-contrast serif typeface, Noe Display, for use as a heading and a sans-serif typeface, NB International, to convey a classic and sophisticated visual.


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