Walgreens Design System

Role: UI/UX design, Design Systems
Duration: 5 months (2022-2023)

Publicis Sapient Team: Laree Ross, Austin McKinney, Sophie Reed, David Yoon

This was the first time I developed a large organization's design system from its foundations. Walgreens posed a significant challenge, as they were using multiple tools and implementation practices, causing technical debts due to manual codes, and creating design inconsistency and governance challenges across their digital channels and business units. 

The goal

The goal was to create a cohesive design system based on the existing Living Style Guide that serves as a single, centralized source of truth scalable across the organization's digital channels and business units (web, mobile app, and kiosk).

The process

With any design projects, I researched for best practices in design system. 

The outcome

Through collaboration with client stakeholders and the move to AEM, we developed a scalable design system using atomic designs, unified styles for consistency across digital touchpoints, comprehensive documentation, integrated tools for a reliable single source of truth, and accessibility-compliant components. The result was streamlined governance, expedited development, and a standardized design across various business units and platforms.

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